Before you sign on that dotted line there is a list of things that you need to know. First of them should be to know what you are buying. This is easy when a property is completed but when it is not and is still under construction you can rely on The Tre Ver floor plan.

Even the idea of floor plan looks unfamiliar with all the symbols that a buyer does not know. In the end with his limited knowledge he is only able to count the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. However, with the knowledge of the basic stuff a buyer can be able to know a lot more!


To have a better visual of how the entire unit is laid you must found the main door, which is shown by a symbol of a quarter-circle. They also allow you to see if the rooms are connected for e.g. if a bathroom door opens in a bedroom meaning you have an attached bathroom. Another thing to look for is the arc of the door as it indicates which direction the door swings.

Windows: windows that slide are indicated by a thin hollow line by the walls in a floor plan. However, the casement window is indicated with a similar symbol for doors except being in pairs, mostly.


Structural walls are indicated y bold lines however, non structural ones are indicated by thin lines. Wall that wraps around the whole unit is most likely to be structural. Knowing this makes it easier for the buyers to remove a wall if they want to for spacious and open-concept home.

Floor layout:

It is important to know how each area is laid out. Imagine standing at the main door and looking at the unit. Do you like the lay out? Does it fit your lifestyle?

Many of the new condominiums have their main door opening into the kitchen. Most people like it as they are usually carrying a lot of grocery bags etc. for those who receive a lot of guests appreciate living area close to main door. And other such examples are there. Another thing to note is a corridor either you prefer it long or not.


Some of the floor plans have small numbers on the side representing the accurate dimension in millimeters which tells you about an estimated size of each room which comes in handy while renovation.


Some also indicate shape of each room. The one with boxy shape is the best of all.


PES or private enclosed Space is a private outdoor area of the unit. It is of various size as small as a ledge that can only fit a potted plant or as large as to comfortably host a dinner party.

Maid’s Room:

Larger units often have a Maid’s room. It is located near the kitchen with a small bathroom. Families with a live-in help can check for this in a floor plan while buying.


Floor plans help you find out if there is a build in or walk in cupboard in the unit.